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Fundraising with Rip City Popcorn


We are partnering with Rip City Popcorn, a local popcorn company specializing in handcrafted, all-natural, gourmet popcorn with a wide variety of delicious flavors. We love their popcorn and we know you and your friends and family will love it as well.
With each purchase of their giant 1-gallon bag of popcorn, you will also receive a free online discount card as a thank you from us. We hope you enjoy the NorthWest’s best gourmet popcorn & some future savings!

“Hello supporters of the Lone Star Bands and Orchestras! My name is Mr. Sene and it’s my honor to direct this wonderful program. With so many students, comes some costs. We are so grateful for a community that consistently supports the performing arts. With the holidays right around the corner, we are kicking off our Fall fundraiser to support our program! With your generous giving last year, we were able to purchase five brand new violas, two cellos, one bass, and an Adams 4.3 octave marimba! Not only were we able to offer our students more incredible instruments, we also hired professional musicians to lead sectionals for the Beginning Band and Orchestra!

“With this year’s Fall and Spring fundraisers, we are aiming to raise enough funds to purchase a new Krutz upright bass for the jazz band ($2,000), five new Amati violins ($2,500), two Selmer tenor saxophones ($6,000), and a Jupiter 4 valve tuba ($5,000).

“This year offers unique obstacles to fundraising and we’re not sure what our Spring fundraiser will look like. Because of that, it is especially important that the community rally around students now. This fundraiser makes supporting our program that much easier by going 100% virtual! You, your extended family, your friends, your coworkers, your support group, your neighbors are able to order and pay completely online and have it shipped directly to their door (even those out of state!). Lone Star Middle School Band and Orchestra students thank you for your generosity!”
~Jared Sene

Popcorn from Rip City Popcorn for special events
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