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RipCity offers 9 deliciously unique popcorn flavors that suit every preference and taste bud! Select your tried & true favorite, or pick a new flavor to tantalize your senses!

9 Delicious Flavors to Enjoy!


Sour Cream and Cheddar flavored Popcorn from Rip City

Sour Cream & Cheddar

Enjoy a uniquely savory, cheesy taste with every delicious handful of this handmade favorite!

Sea Salt and Caramel flavored popcorn from Rip City

Sea Salt Caramel

Indulge in a lil’ something sweet & salty! Our caramel is crafted by hand & always made with real sugar.

White Cheddar flavored popcorn from Rip City

White Cheddar

For cheese lovers everywhere, our classic white cheddar is a hit! Expect cheesy goodness with every bite!

Country Kettle flavored popcorn from Rip City

Country Kettle

Looking for something slightly sweet & slightly salty? Our country kettle popcorn is calling your name!

Caramel Apple flavored popcorn from Rip City

Caramel Apple

Where are our caramel lovers at? Enjoy the sweet taste you crave with a delectable & crisp twist!

Cinnamon flavored popcorn from Rip City

Cinnamon Crunch

Enjoy sweet bursts of real cinnamon on top of handmade popcorn. Cinnamon roll fans love this delicious treat!

Chili Cheddar flavored popcorn from Rip City

Chili Cheddar

Turn up the heat & tickle your tastebuds with the exciting flavor found in each chili cheddar bite!

Sea Salt and Cheddar Rose City Mix flavored popcorn from Rip City

Rose City Mix

Try the ultimate mix with this perfectly paired 50/50 sweet & savory combo of sea salt caramel & sharp cheddar.

Chocolate and Vanilla flavored popcorn from Rip City

Chocolate + Vanilla Swirl

Experience the best of both worlds with our indulgent & ultra-sweet chocolate + vanilla swirl popcorn.

2 Roasts to Suit Your Tastes


While you enjoy the rich, savory, sweet, or spicy popcorn, you’ll need a delicious cup of coffee to pair it with! RipCity Popcorn offers medium & dark roast options to satisfy every coffee lover’s fix.

Medium Roast

Enjoy a full-bodied, balanced flavor with each delightful sip! Our Medium Roast Coffee is perfect for those that appreciate the aroma, acidity, and smooth taste of this ideal roast.

Dark Roast

Extra roasting time makes our dark roast coffee bold, rich, and packed with the flavorful taste you love. You’ll love pairing our Dark Roast Coffee with your favorite popcorn!