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Hello friends and neighbors!  This is Devon Peterson and I am a coach for Shooters Soccer Club here in Nephi and we have been part of the soccer community for several years.  We have enjoyed your support for several year and are very grateful for all you’ve done in our behalf.  Our goal has always been and remains to “Love the Game”.  We know we are part of something bigger than ourselves and our success is linked to your support.  Many, if not all, of the boys that pass through the club go on to play soccer at Juab High School.  Not only have you helped our club out but also the high school boys soccer program.  
In the past we have done several fundraisers to help pay with soccer balls, tournament fees, and training fees.  This year we have decided to partner with RipCity popcorn to raise money to replace the old worn out soccer balls we’ve beat up and assist with apparel.  Our goal is to raise $2000.  
This year close associations and gatherings has been limited making fundraising difficult.  With each bag of popcorn you buy you’ll be able to support soccer and do it contact free.  Just follow the link, place your order, and have it shipped to your house.  Part of the proceeds will go to help us cover our cost.  With the holidays right around the corner we thought your could enjoy a popcorn treat but also give it as a gift.  From the kids to the coaches, we thank you for your support and all you’ve done for the program in the past and appreciate so much for your kindness this year.  
Coach Peterson



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