See what others have to say about fundraising with Ripcity Popcorn.

Juan Cabrillo Middle School, San Jose, CA

“I have been in charge of our school fundraiser for over 12 years. I started using RipCity Popcorn 3 years ago. It was the best decision I ever made for fundraising. Randy is generous and honest. Randy and RipCity popcorn took care of everything from making the brochures, presenting it to the students and then helping distribute the product. Randy made sure that the customer was always satisfied. He was always available to help and assist in any way he could. The product is always fresh and delicious. I would highly recommend RipCity popcorn to anyone who needs a fundraiser for their school or group. It is a great product and a great company to work with.”

~ Mary Anne Bowles

Scenic Middle School, Medford, OR.

“Switching to Rip city popcorn was a great move for our middle school. They are great to collaborate with and they are very organized. They limit the work our staff needs to do and the profit margin for our school is better than any other organization we’ve found. The product is of high quality and the discount card that the customers get with each purchase is a value for them and our local businesses. I hope that we can continue to work with them for many years to come.”

~ Brad Eaton, Principal

“Have you ever pondered the miracle of popcorn? It starts out as a tiny, little, compact kernel with magic trapped inside that when agitated, bursts to create something marvelously desirable. It’s sort of like those tiny, little thoughts trapped inside an author’s head that―in an excited explosion of words―suddenly become a captivating fairy tale!”

~Richelle E. Goodrich, Author